Grounds Maintenance in East Grinstead and in all Locations near Crawley

Grounds maintenance differs from garden maintenance in terms of the environments our landscaping company works in. Gardens tend to belong to homeowners and some local businesses only perform garden maintenance for domestic customers in the Crawley and East Grinstead areas. We can help commercial clients with their gardens and with their grounds too. Grounds maintenance is a contract service provided for commercial clients across Surrey and Sussex, usually on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Grounds can include land around business properties and country estates, but this type of maintenance work usually relates to business premises, parks, public grounds and similar outdoor spaces.

While we utilise many of the landscaping skills used for garden maintenance at businesses, grounds maintenance can also include services for schools, colleges, sports grounds, play areas and local authority properties.

Our landscaping company, located in Crawley, is well-known with commercial clients and local authorities, having provided services in the surrounding East Grinstead, Surrey and Sussex areas over many years. Skill, trust, experience, friendliness and professionalism are the cornerstones of our business; key qualities you can expect us to bring to the job whenever you arrange for us to provide grounds maintenance services on your behalf.

Our skill set includes:

  • Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • Box and Paddock Mowing
  • Borders and Flower Beds
  • Tree Care and Pruning
  • Weed and Moss Control
  • Hedge Trimming and Cutting
  • Amenities Maintenance
  • Sports Field Maintenance
  • Estate Maintenance
  • Driveway and Patio Care
  • Green Waste Disposal
  • Autumn and Winter Clearances

The Complete Grounds Maintenance Service

At Costiff’s Gardeners, we know how important it is for your grounds to be pristine. If you run a business, the kerb appeal of your premises could be the difference between a potential customer walking through the door, or in passing by to use one of your competitors. For local authorities, well-maintained amenities attract more use, serve the community and, in the case of outdoor sports facilities, help to increase revenue.

Using our landscaping company for grounds maintenance is the practical, affordable way to keep land around your Crawley or East Grinstead property in good condition.

If you would like to discuss a garden maintenance or grounds maintenance contract with Costiff’s Gardeners, please call us today on 01293 530 228 or 07739 893 700.

There’s a level of detail in our workmanship that makes our services ideal for the commercial sector. Whether you have an existing landscape that needs our attention, or if you would like us to create one from scratch, the Costiff’s Gardeners team is here to help you build, maintain or repair your outdoor space. We work across all four seasons, to scheduled times and dates, and we also welcome enquiries about one-off grounds maintenance services.

For grounds maintenance services in the Crawley and East Grinstead areas, and across Surrey and Sussex, call 01293 530 228 or 07739 893 700.

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