Grounds Maintenance in Crawley | A Vital Service for Local Properties

If you own a business property or public land, or even if you have a home in the Crawley area, you have just one chance to leave a great first impression on visitors, customers, clients, guests and end users. Our landscaping company can help you to do this with garden maintenance services for domestic properties or grounds maintenance services for commercial premises. We cover everything from patio laying to garden fencing construction, and from clearances to clean-ups.

The first thing people will notice as they pass by your home or business is a clean, manicured landscape that catches the eye, and one which offers an inviting welcome.

Costiff’s Gardeners is a trusted landscaping company from Crawley with a reputation for skill, trust, experience, friendliness and professionalism. We understand what it takes to keep residential gardens in pristine condition. Our team can provide you with a garden maintenance service that preserves a stunning landscape for your own enjoyment or to capture the interest of potential buyers or passers-by.

Let us deal with general upkeep, patio laying requirements, garden fencing repairs and more.

Our landscaping company also understands the positive impact a grounds maintenance contract can have on businesses, head offices, housing association properties, schools, parks, sports grounds and local amenities in the Crawley area. People are more likely to enter or use premises with an inviting kerb appeal, and to keep coming back to use you, or your services, time and time again.

We can’t think of a better reason to use us for garden or grounds maintenance than knowing that your friends, family, customers or clients love what we achieve.Services from Costiff’s Gardeners of Crawley include:

  • Hard and Soft Landscaping
  • Garden Design Services
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Lawn and Grass Cutting
  • Border Maintenance
  • Shrub Planting Schemes
  • Garden Planters
  • Tree and Hedge Trimming
  • Paving and Patio Laying
  • Garden Fencing and Posts
  • Pond Construction
  • Garden and Site Clearances
  • Autumn and Winter Clearances

Service Benefits from a Reputable Landscaping Company

Imagine, if you will, how your Crawley garden or grounds could look just a short while from now if you make the decision to use our landscaping company. Visualise a perfect lawn, flower beds with a vibrant splash of colour, tidy trees, neatly trimmed hedges and attractive brickwork or timber features. Then, think of the appeal this sort of landscape could have on others, and how you might respond if you walked past a home or a business with such attractive kerb appeal yourself.

What you see in your mind is the results of our garden maintenance and ground maintenance services.

Our landscaping company can manage the upkeep of existing landscapes in Crawley, or we can help you to create new ones with planting schemes, patio laying services, the integration of ornamental walls and archways, garden fencing construction, arboricultural services and anything else you might need to leave your home or business premises looking resplendent.

We offer garden maintenance and grounds maintenance services which benefit the customer or client in many ways:

For maintenance, patio laying or garden fencing services in the Crawley area, call our landscaping company on 01293 530 228 or 07739 893 700.